Which items should be banned from zone battles?

3 (9.4%)
Armor enchants affecting protection stats
4 (12.5%)
Weapon enchants affecting attack stats
4 (12.5%)
Diamond swords
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 4, additionally ban iron swords
1 (3.1%)
Diamond armor
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 6, additionally ban all other armor
0 (0%)
Tool enchants affecting block destruction speed
2 (6.3%)
Ender pearls
5 (15.6%)
1 (3.1%)
1 (3.1%)
Vote yes here if you want items/xp to drop on death
1 (3.1%)
Nothing should be banned
2 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 8

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Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 30, 19:56:03 »
Can we name battleground zones? Would make any possible war reporting much easier. Or at least number them, so that battles can have clear names (ie, Battle for Zone #1 on 20130102).

Anyways if something big happens in the battleground soon, I plan on logging any battleground actions taken, including belligerents, activity during battles (eyewitnesses) and fatalities based on log reports. The logs get so detailed that we could even determined how much damage was done by a front to another one.
Good idea with the zone numbering. Are you editing the world map atm? Otherwise I'll name/number the zones.

how do flags work.

can the defending team repair their flag/try to destroy the flag the enemy is putting up?
would it be legit to have a flag different by one block, so the attacking team only has to change one? (But then They'll have a hard time defending too so it's a weakness)
The current rules say that you take over the zone if you manage to replace the flag within a timeframe of 30 minutes. There is no repair option.
You would simply try getting to the enemy flag, like by pillaring, destroy it, and place your own wool blocks. If you manage to do it, you win the zone.
No matter your flag, you should have to replace all the blocks, so all teams are equal in that sense.