Which items should be banned from zone battles?

3 (9.4%)
Armor enchants affecting protection stats
4 (12.5%)
Weapon enchants affecting attack stats
4 (12.5%)
Diamond swords
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 4, additionally ban iron swords
1 (3.1%)
Diamond armor
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 6, additionally ban all other armor
0 (0%)
Tool enchants affecting block destruction speed
2 (6.3%)
Ender pearls
5 (15.6%)
1 (3.1%)
1 (3.1%)
Vote yes here if you want items/xp to drop on death
1 (3.1%)
Nothing should be banned
2 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 8

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Re: Battleground Information
« Reply #50 on: 2014 02 23, 15:40:42 »
It's 20 blocks so that would be in any direction.

I also made a rule saying flagpoles must be at least 5m from the borders of the zone. The flag that we fought over yesterday was on the border of the zone, which means it's not visible with the border layer on. To add to it, the respawn for the zone was actually outside the Battleground region, which was against the rules. That seems a bit silly.

Now that the Blue Front has the zone, I hope you will clean it up and ensure that it follows the rules before the next battle.