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Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2013 09 05, 09:56:41 »
fiah has started a forest fire in zone 41 that spread into zone 40 and burned down my flag. i demand he replaces all the trees to where they were and also puts my flag back to where it was.
If he started the forest fire, he should regrow some trees, yes. I suggest he gives you two fence and four blue wool blocks so you can place the flag yourself, he probably cannot remember the exact locations of everything he burned down. But he should get a warning from doing this, it's not acceptable at all.

Also I'd like if Fiah would confirm the battle time.

Yqt confirmed to me over Skype he wanted to join me. In any case I think I will simply reword the rules so that all people can join a battle instead of people from all fronts. I just hadn't thought of people who aren't in a front, but your front doesn't really matter when you're supporting another front in a battle anyway.
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