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Re: Battleground Log
« Reply #50 on: 2014 02 22, 22:04:43 »

The Lenin Front attacks and claims Zone 42 from The Blue Front.

The Blue Front counterattacks Zone 42 in a battle with a dubious outcome:

There were some issues in this battle.

First of all, I forgot to start the clock when I began the battle, so I only turned it on after a few minutes. This means that the time left that I announced was off from the time that was meant to be left.

We also had a scheduled restart that delayed us by 25 seconds. Taking this into account, the flag of The Lenin Front burned down 30 minutes and 50 seconds after the battle start was announced. 7 seconds later, although not in the exact same location as the old flag, but still connected to the flagpole, TMC did manage to make a 2x2 blue flag.

An additional problem was that TMC tried to sleep in the bed that was the spawnpoint of The Lenin Front. The rules say:
Both teams should have beds in their zones, so that they will spawn inside their zones if they die.
In other words, you have to spawn within a zone your team owns during the battle, so sleeping in the enemy bed was breaking the rules.

Another problem is the rules on flag height:
The flagpoles in the region must not be taller than 20 meters from the ground, and the flag blocks may not exist outside y = 65 to y = 130. Additionally, sunlight must be able to reach the top of the flag.

I understand that Fiah didn't have time to check these rules when the battle was scheduled in 15 minutes, however I still think the rule can be considered in effect and thus violated.
I have checked the flag, and it was around y = 96, which is 32m above the water surface.

Because of this, I have decided to declare The Blue Front winner of the battle.
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