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Re: Battleground Log
« Reply #50 on: 2014 03 29, 21:52:42 »
Battle 7: The Lenin Front (Fiah, Bla) in Zone 39 warded off an attack from The Blue Front (Blotz, Mudkipz, Thomas) in Zone 35.

Battle 8: The Lenin Front (Fiah, Bla) counterattacked against Zone 35 from Zone 28, and conquered the zone from The Blue Front (Blotz, Mudkipz, Thomas).
Since this was the base zone of The Blue Front, The Lenin Front gains all the current zones of The Blue Front.

Battle 9: The Red Front (Bla, Mudkipz, Ventus) attacked and conquered Zone 29 from The Lenin Front (Fiah, Blotz, Thomas).
Since this was the base zone of The Lenin Front, The Red Front gains all the zones in the Battleground.

And I/Bla decides to give most of the zones of the former Lenin Front to The Blue Front. (I hope Naru and Mudkipz are ok with that)

Here's an album with maps showing what happened today:,lV9gR2,z3CcMq,Wyv7bA,60I0W7,ZgZkFt,tFlYhT

As a result, the new BG map looks like this.

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