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Re: Battleground Log
« Reply #50 on: 2014 06 29, 19:22:51 »
I inspected the area and found that the border which Bla claimed was clearly visible is not in fact clearly visible, so I think it should be given to Fiah. Although I do like kip's idea.
In fact? How do you determine this 'fact'? 'Clearly' is a subjective word.
I think it was clearly visible because it follows the terrain, as it follows the side of a cliff.
Had this been a battle at ground level, you would know one side was another zone, and the other side was the zone.
It's not my problem if people make a sky bridge but don't check that the sky bridge is inside the zone.

However, over the past days, I've become convinced that The Battleground needs some serious rule changes, because the battles are really not meant to be fought on sky bridges, but at ground level, and the bases are not meant to be so overpowered like in the battle with TMC and Yqt, that the attackers have virtually no chance to get into it. (However, I think spending 4 hours or more on defenses, should pay off by not giving a plain 50/50% chance of losing it in just one 20 minute battle, but the attackers should still have a better chance than what Yqt and TMC had, and if the zone they attacked gets attacked, I will downgrade the base before the battle, at the very least by moving defense spawn to ground level).

Due to the fact that the zones are weirdly shaped (it'd be more fair if all zones were more smooth) I think I should get it.
The zones were originally drawn so they followed terrain features, like cliffs. Smooth borders might be easier to imagine geometrically, but be harder to recognize from terrain features. Anyway, I won't change the borders now, as too many things rely on them now, sorry.
I think you could've looked at the map before battle so you could know the shape of the zone. It was clear from your chat messages long before the battle that you weren't going to deal with the ground defenses, so I suppose you had plenty of time to check if your straight line skybridge would intersect with the other zone while planning.

I mean, it was REALLY close. And If I were to have made a bend northwards 1-2 blocks it would have had little to no effect on my victory.
Maybe. We can't know.

I've decided to revoke the victory and that Red Front will keep the zone. However, I'll let Fiah have a rematch for the zone if he desires, without Red Front improving the defenses/changing blocks there before the battle, except that the skybridge will be removed and the battle will be fought according to new rules banning skybridges. I haven't written out the new rules yet, only a rough sketch for its elements, so the defenses may be downgraded if the new rules make ristrictions on it, but they will not be improved.