Author Topic: more bg ideas  (Read 154 times)


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Re: more bg ideas
« on: 2014 06 15, 17:18:03 »
there should be no unlegit reward for completely finishing off the battleground, it should just be "refreshed" if anyone manages to claim the entire thing. like, bases removed, damage repaired, and all zones are without an owner.
There aren't any unlegit rewards currently either. But I agree with Kip, there's no point in punishing anyone who manages to take over the entire BG by simply removing all their progress. The rules still describe how other teams can form and conquer zones.

As for the fist-snowball idea, it doesn't sound that interesting to me, not in the BG, maybe for another pvp region. I don't see a point in making completely new combat rules from scratch, the current ones are plenty of fun even though they can probably be improved.

I think when death means no more participation in the battle, you have a tendency to avoid combat, which makes the battles less intense and exciting.