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Re: Red Front
« on: 2015 06 29, 11:45:57 »
I know we've spent a long time carefully building these bases, but it seems like people are put off by the obsidian forts, and I suppose the lava defenses are only stronger, although we haven't 'tested' that.

So my suggestion is that we in the Red Front agree to rebuild the bases in zones marked with 1, 2 and 3.

However I'm not really sure what kind of design would be balanced enough. The obsidian fort in the southwestern zone seemed balanced imo, during the fight with the Sequoia Front, even when considering they were attacking up a steep cliff with a long route to the flag. The new rugged terrain defenses in 1 and 2 turned out to make the ground defenses a lot stronger (although they only played a role in the battle for 1), so an option could be to remove those.

It's important that the defenses are balanced for ground combat and that focus doesn't shift to skybridges and stuff like that.

I guess my proposal for Red Front would be:

1: Remove the obsidian fort and build a new one very similar to the one in the battle with Sequoia Front, and remove the rugged terrain obstacles.
2: Remove the Red Front traces from the zone and then gift it to Fiahstorm, who can decide who should have it if he's no longer interested, just to end that old spite over the battle.
3: Remove the lava from the zone to begin with (but I'd like Komrage's opinion on that zone since he built it and I know it's not fun to just tear down what you've put a lot of effort into).

In the end, I think the Red Front has enough territory to allow some experiments with less strong defenses near the front, to see what makes for fun and balanced fights.