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Re: Red Front
« on: 2015 07 13, 17:54:16 »
However I'm not really sure what kind of design would be balanced enough. The obsidian fort in the southwestern zone seemed balanced imo, during the fight with the Sequoia Front, even when considering they were attacking up a steep cliff with a long route to the flag. The new rugged terrain defenses in 1 and 2 turned out to make the ground defenses a lot stronger (although they only played a role in the battle for 1), so an option could be to remove those.

I agree; I found the battle with the sequoia front to be very entertaining and fun; but the battles with the rugged terrain defenses I found just annoying. I feel like a combination of both rugged terrain defenses and obsidian forts makes bases unbalanced; either by themselves might be doable.

2: Remove the Red Front traces from the zone and then gift it to Fiahstorm, who can decide who should have it if he's no longer interested, just to end that old spite over the battle.

I'll take it.
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