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Red lines are new borders, orange line borders are reused

New Claims:
- Estancia Sendero: New region in the north middle east which has been defacto under my control since 2019 (when it hosted kolkon). Shimao's castle remnants are there but he has given his blessing for me to annex it.
- Cabinet Cove: Claiming this for my sister, doubt she will ever log in again but might as well give it proper region protection.

- Wyverncliff: With Bla gone I can finally split Verslest and give TMC's former region the region status it deserves. I still control it tho (I am willing to reconsider)
- Kinar: Expands to take the other part of Verslest
- Hinterlands: New region consisting of Mystic Marsh, Nunatriche, and unclaimed lands mostly to clean up my borders and give room for <future megaproject>. An old Naruvian base is located in the middle of the new plains portion but he doesn't even remember it and gave me permission to annex.
- East Georgia: Well if the name Kaministiquia is stolen from my hometown then I can name the great swamp to my east that is home to the most infamous industrial project on Blacraft after my new home in an industrial city in the middle of a swamp. This region was named previously as Mystic Marsh but that name got moved to my other swamp region is currently listed as "Yqt1001" on Dynmap so is effectively currently unnamed.

Dissolved regions:
- Verslest
- Nunatriche
- Mystic Marsh

This is really just a complete formality but, putting it in writing: all municipalities in Aahrus have been dissolved.
Land Division / Re: Nanoq
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Land Division / Re: Nanoq
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Land Division / Nanoq
« Last post by Suonksi Lujyu Swonx on 2023 01 10, 03:28:50 »

Purpose of region: There's nowjere in blacraft with a greenlandic name eyt

Owner: swonx (yuunishinoya)

Future: Bright
Been building in this area since 2014 and decided to formalize it.

Tried to leave some space for Jorster, Nue and Swonx to my east/southeast. Willing to give up some land to Tuto if he wants it near Leikigo lol.

Referencing the master plan:

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