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Blacraft General / Re: Horse Race Results
« Last post by kalassak on 2023 01 09, 05:26:31 »

New Years 2023 - Laplaya
Orange & Orange Speedway

Orange & Orange Speedway is a purpose-built race track on the northern coast of Laplaya with a unique underwater section that traverses the ocean floor before returning to land in a more typical overland section winding quickly through a hilly prairie. It was the first track for which a significant portion was built by a user other than Kalassak. While she still designed the track layout, AeV assisted with the construction of the underwater portion, providing the materials and manpower to complete the section which comprises roughly half of the length of the track. The track was built quickly in the few days running up to BCNY 2023, and as a result does not feature a proper viewing area or many off-track details typical to tracks in recent years.

The 2023 Laplayan Grand Prix used the standard format of two qualifying heats and a final heat, with each heat race being three laps long followed by a five lap long final. Each heat consisted of five competitors, with the top three qualifying to the final, as only 10 competitors participated in this year's event. The same horses from the 2022 New Years Racing Herd were used again this year.

The races were primarily officiated by Kalassak, however Tuto helped with the countdown and release of the starting gate. Additionally, Blotz provided an extremely helpful view at the finish line to determine the winner of the final race.

Heat 1 Results (3 laps)
02AeVQNo Strats Just Skill
03NovaCrystallisQ2020 Vision
04KalassakDNQCrippling Anxiety
05yuunishinoyaDNFBreed for Speed

The first heat ran without major incident, though yuunishinoya suffered from Australian Internet Syndrome and retired from the race. Kalassak finished 4th after Crippling Anxiety reared late on lap 2, allowing Nova Crystallis to pass into 3rd place, marking the first time that Kalassak did not qualify to a final race.

Heat 2 Results (3 laps)
04l_lDNQHorsey McHorseface
--DarvinceDSQPisting Geladeira

After the first heat, some competitors bred a new gray horse from the Racing Herd and named it Pisting Geladeira. The new horse was disallowed from participating in any race, as it had not been registered prior to the start of the Laplayan Grand Prix. The horse, in actuality, was too slow to compete, but was ridden by Darvince anyway, resulting in his disqualification. Yuunishinoya also participated in the race after competing in the first heat, but was not an officially tallied competitor for the second heat.

Final Results (5 laps)
03VentusNo Strats Just Skill
04yuunishinoyaBreed for Speed
--AeVCrippling Anxiety
07NovaCrystallis2020 Vision

For much of the race, the battle at the front of the pack between Yqt1001 and TheMooCows was tight, within one or two horse-lengths. It culminated in a photo-finish at the line that was too close to call in real time. l_l provided a picture of the finish which allowed TheMooCows to be declared the winner by inches. Fifth and sixth place were not able to be ascertained as they finished in a close race as well, but no imagery or footage was available to determine the proper ranking. Yuunishinoya was allowed another attempt as a result of the heat 1 incident and a good, unofficial performance in heat 2, and was able to finish in fourth.

The typical post-race ceremony was not able to be held to present the winners of the heats and the top 3 finishers with trophy banners due to a delay in their production. Accolades were notated on the results board of the "podium" area and trophies were delivered several days after the race's completion.

With Grayson winning three out of the last four races, some concerns about disparities in horse speed were raised, with some people suggesting that he be retired. This launched an investigation into more accurately determining the horse speeds. After tests were conducted, Grayson was found to not be the fastest horse of the Herd. Regardless, efforts to create a more equal field for future races are underway. The speed tolerance expected to be valid for the next New Years Race is likely to be within 0.10 m/s or less.
Land Division / Re: Partition of Quontia
« Last post by AeriOwl on 2023 01 06, 18:10:18 »
Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2023
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Land Division / Re: Partition of Quontia
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Land Division / Re: Kålauk-Kareng [Approved]
« Last post by kalassak on 2023 01 06, 01:50:25 »

i'm sure there are others
Land Division / Partition of Quontia
« Last post by Suonksi Lujyu Swonx on 2023 01 06, 01:26:55 »
As discussed in Discord earlier, annexation on these borders. (They may be tweaked, but this is the general idea).

Land Division / Re: Kålauk-Kareng [Approved]
« Last post by AeriOwl on 2023 01 05, 21:11:17 »
first region to ever be dissolved?
Land Division / Re: Kålauk-Kareng [Approved]
« Last post by kalassak on 2023 01 04, 22:02:57 »
this region is dissolved
Land Division / Re: Gongaga [Request]
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Land Division / Re: Gongaga [Request]
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