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Land Division / Re: Gongaga [Request]
« Last post by yqt1001 on 2023 01 04, 06:36:32 »
Land Division / Gongaga [Approved]
« Last post by NovaCrystallis on 2023 01 04, 05:20:13 »
I am back to make another claim for a region, which will also be solely managed by me. The new region, Gongaga, is south of Nova Chrysalia, which is also governed by me. The new proposed region does not border any other region, but it is close to Ventopia, a region owned by AeriOwl.

Parts of the region has already been used by me to mine sandstone and built as part of the ice road system.

Blacraft General / Re: Horse Race Results
« Last post by kalassak on 2022 12 31, 07:46:13 »
New Years 2022 - Lumaea

The Lumaean Grand Prix was built on the mushroom biome in southern Lumaea. It features a technical section with very tight corners in the first sector of the track before opening up to longer straights and more sweeping turns. With 11 registered participants, the two heat system was used again this year. Each heat was three laps long, with four (?) qualifiers from each heat moving on to compete in a five lap final. The New Years Racing Herd was composed of the same horses as the previous year.

Heat 1 Results (3 laps)
02BlanoxiumQCrippling Anxiety
04yuunishinoyaQHorsey McHorseface
05shimaoDNQBreed for Speed
06l_lDNQNo Strats Just Skill

Heat 2 Results (3 laps)
02KalassakQBreed for Speed
03DarvinceQ2020 Vision
04VentusQCrippling Anxiety

Final Results (5 laps)
02KalassakBreed for Speed
03BlanoxiumNo Strats Just Skill
06VentusCrippling Anxiety
07NovaCrystallis2020 Vision
08yuunishinoyaHorsey McHorseface

Darvince won his first horse race in Lumaea. This was Grayson's second win, after being beaten out by Yqt1001 in Nova Chrysalia.

There is some uncertainty with the results from fourth to sixth place. There are question marks next to my notes, and an arrow pointing from "? 5 nar" to "6 Tuto", so I swapped those places around in the official results. Since this post was written up a year after the race, I can't be entirely certain what that was supposed to indicate. Without any video evidence, the above results are my best interpretation of the final result. Fortunately, we can be confident in the accuracy of the first three spots, who were awarded trophies for their accomplishments.
Blacraft General / Re: Horse Race Results
« Last post by kalassak on 2022 12 31, 07:46:02 »
2021 placeholder
Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2023
« Last post by yqt1001 on 2022 11 12, 20:56:34 »
Blacraft General / Re: 1.18 is out
« Last post by AeriOwl on 2021 12 01, 06:27:57 »
What if we tried cropping along the old chunk borders in places like south of Kaeshar, and wherever else possible? We could use this as an opportunity to have mojang clean it up for us.

Blacraft General / Re: 1.18 is out
« Last post by Bla on 2021 11 30, 22:28:59 »
Cropping should be prioritised. Everyone can mark areas on this map to show which areas they want preserved. If there are no clear settlements, add a reason as well.

Of course, significant settlements will not be cropped

Note the new generation smoothes new chunky borders, so they should not be as ugly as past ones.
Blacraft General / 1.18 is out
« Last post by AeriOwl on 2021 11 30, 20:57:06 »
Blacraft General / MOVED: Новинский ЗМК
« Last post by Bla on 2021 08 15, 09:12:08 »
Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2022
« Last post by NovaCrystallis on 2021 07 31, 18:31:08 »
Swonx said something earlier about wanting to host BCNY at Lumaea, not sure if he actually wants to host it or not.
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